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Matt Willis

Web Developer

Recent Projects

The Portfolio

  • Sass
  • JavaScript

The Portfolio - a ongoing project that documents my coding journey, showcasing my programming skills and what I've been working on.


  • javascript

A memory game for those Marvel fans out there! I've utilized the Marvel API to fetch data and used JavaScript functionality to filter and present the results.


  • javascript
  • react

Finsweet - A project which has allowed me to explore more complex features and functionality of React, and convert a Figma design into code.


  • javascript
  • bootstrap

MyNFT was my first project utilising Bootstrap for a modular and customisable architecture, where I converted a Figma design file to functional code.

Website Redesign

  • JavaScript

Turning my hand to redesigning an old website, I sought out a local company to see how their site could be modernised. This is the final output.


  • JavaScript
  • React

A modern landing page built with React. An exciting project where I learned how to effectively use components and effectively structure project content.

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About me

I'm a highly-motivated web developer who is passionate about creating modern, visually-appealing, human-centered websites and software applications.

My current focus is on frontend development, where my technical knowledge covers HTML , CSS , Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript and React. However, I have recently started to learn SQL as I explore other languages and technologies. Being methodical and logical by nature, I feel that exploring full-stack options may come sooner rather than later. Let's watch this space...

I pride myself on the accuracy of my work and my attention to detail. But I also allow myself to be creative, whether that's solving problems and finding solutions or designing new user experiences and visual interactions. Having experience designing my own wall art, I relish the opportunity to collaborate with UX/UI designers and product managers.

I've also had the privilege of working in both the public and private sectors, which has helped me to develop and fine-tune other transferrable skills, such as communication and collaboration, building rapport and strong working relationships with people from all walks of life, and learning how to deal with adversity and challenging situations.


  • html
  • css
  • javaScript
  • react
  • git
  • node.js
  • github
  • sass
  • sass
  • affinity
  • SQL
More about me...


I'm always on the lookout for new projects, to collaborate, and/or to discuss potential new roles as a enter the world of tech! So, if you would like to chat, please get in touch - I would love to hear from you.

You can reach me on LinkedIn (link below) or you can email me directly. Either way, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I've also incude my GitHub details, however, my profile is still work-in-progress as I expand my portfolio of work. Any and all feedback is most welcome.